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AJ Foyt, whose full name is Anthony Joseph Foyt Jr., is a highly respected figure in auto racing. This article explores the AJ Foyt Net Worth , delving into his remarkable financial accomplishments and the key factors that have driven her to achieve success. He enjoyed a remarkable career spanning various types of motorsports, including open-wheel racing, stock car racing, and sports car racing. Beyond his racing prowess, Foyt also made a significant impact off the track. He ventured into business and real estate, further contributing to his substantial fortune. AJ Foyt’s racing career began in 1957 and spanned an impressive 36 years until his retirement in 1993. Throughout this period, he accumulated an astonishing number of wins and championships, including 67 wins in the American Championship Racing and 159 in USAC, making him the most successful driver in both categories. Now we look into depth related to AJ Foyt Net Worth. 

AJ Foyt Biography

Age & Zodiac Sign

AJ Foyt, whose full name is Anthony Joseph Foyt Jr., is currently 88 years old. He was born on January 16, 1935. His zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Height, Weight & Physical Stats

AJ Foyt stands at an altitude of 170 cm (5 feet 6 inches) and weighs approximately 72 kg (158 lbs).

Early Life and Family

Before gaining fame, AJ Foyt dropped out of high school to pursue a career as a mechanic. He hails from Houston, Texas, USA. Foyt has been married to Lucy Zarr since 1956, and they have two sons, A.J. Foyt III and Jerry, and a daughter named Terry Lynn.

Full NameAnthony Joseph Foyt Jr.
Age88 years old
Date of BirthJanuary 16, 1935,
Zodiac SignCapricorn 
Height170 cm ( 5 feet 6 inches) 
Weight72 kg (158 lbs)
BirthplaceHouston, Texas, USA
Marital StatusMarried to Lucy Zarr since 1956
ChildrenTwo sons (A.J. Foyt III and Jerry), one daughter (Terry Lynn)

Education and Career

A.J. Foyt, a highly accomplished race car driver, significantly impacted motorsports. Although he did not attend college, Foyt’s decision to pursue a career in racing after dropping out of high school shaped his successful journey.

Early Racing Career

At 17, Foyt began racing midget cars and swiftly progressed in the racing circuit. His talent and dedication propelled him through the ranks of motorsports.


Foyt’s remarkable achievements extended to multiple renowned racing championships, where he achieved the exceptional feat of securing victory four times each in the Indianapolis 500, Daytona 500, 24 Hours of Daytona, and 24 Hours of Le Mans. This outstanding achievement sets him apart in the racing world. He also claimed the International Race of Champions series title and multiple USAC National Championships, solidifying his position as one of the most successful drivers in history.

Regrets and Restlessness

While Foyt expressed regret for not pursuing a college education, he believed that his restlessness would have hindered his racing career had he chosen to attend college. Sitting in a classroom was incompatible with his drive to be out on the racetrack.

Entrepreneurial Success

Despite lacking a college degree, Foyt succeeded as a businessman. After retiring from driving, Foyt continued his involvement in racing through his ownership of A.J. Foyt Enterprises. His team competed in renowned championships such as CART, IRL, and NASCAR, contributing to his overall net worth.

Accolades and Recognition

Foyt’s extraordinary achievements and lasting impact in the world of motorsports led to his induction into two prestigious institutions

  • The National Motorsports Hall of Fame 
  • Motorsports Hall of Fame of America

These honors solidify his standing as a revered and influential figure in racing history.

AJ Foyt Net Worth

AJ Foyt, a retired American auto racing driver, has achieved remarkable success in his career, contributing to his significant net worth. With his numerous victories and achievements, Foyt’s net worth is estimated at $35 million. Foyt’s success reached prestigious heights, with impressive victories in renowned races such as the Indianapolis 500, Daytona 500, 24 Hours of Daytona, and 24 Hours of Le Mans, totaling four wins in each event. These victories in iconic races contributed significantly to his net worth and elevated his status in the racing world. Even after retiring from driving, Foyt remained involved in the racing world. He established A.J. Foyt Enterprises, which competed in various racing championships, including CART, IRL, and NASCAR. These ventures further contributed to his net worth and showcased his entrepreneurial skills.

<> on March 10, 2017 in St Petersburg, Florida.

AJ Foyt Facts

  • AJ Foyt holds a USAC record with 159 career victories in auto racing.
  • He started racing midget cars at the age of 17.
  • Foyt Won his first Indianapolis 500 in 1961.
  • Foyt accomplished the prestigious Triple Crown by securing victories in the Indianapolis 500, Daytona 500, and 24 Hours of Le Mans.
  • He Recorded four Indianapolis 500 victories with Al Unser Sr. and Rick Mears.
  • Secured seven wins in the USAC National Championship.
  • He owns A.J. Foyt Enterprises, which won the Indianapolis 500 four times.
  • He is a successful businessman with investments outside of racing.
  • He is known for his aggressive driving style and fearlessness.
  • He is Outspoken and fearless in speaking his mind.
  • He Revered as a racing legend and one of the most significant drivers ever.


In Conclusion, AJ Foyt, a highly accomplished and respected auto racing figure, had a remarkable career spanning various motorsports disciplines. With victories in prestigious races like the Indianapolis 500 and Daytona 500, Foyt solidified his status as one of the most successful drivers in American racing history.AJ Foyt Net Worth is estimated to be $35 million, which he earned through his remarkable accomplishments, championship victories, and successful business ventures. Foyt’s remarkable impact in the racing world led to his deserving induction into the   Motorsports Hall of Fame of America and National Motorsports Hall of Fame. His determination and entrepreneurial skills, both on and off the track, exemplify his versatile and influential legacy.


Q1: How has AJ Foyt net worth changed over time? 

Over the years, AJ Foyt’s net worth has experienced fluctuations but has mostly increased. In the early 2000s, his net worth was approximately $20 million. Since then, it has grown, reaching its current level of $35 million.

Q2: What is AJ Foyt doing now? 

AJ Foyt remains involved in the racing world, but not as a driver. He holds the position of chairman at A.J. Foyt Enterprises and provides consulting services to other racing teams. Besides his racing involvement, he has found success as a businessman and holds investments in various industries.

Q3: What is AJ Foyt favorite car? 

AJ Foyt’s all-time favorite car is the 1961 Watson-Offenhauser. He drove this legendary vehicle to win the prestigious Indianapolis 500 race. The car’s significance in racing history is immense and is now showcased at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.


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