53 Free guest posting sites in the USA

Are you looking for Free guest posting sites in the USA? Guest posting is a highly effective method for building backlinks and increasing search traffic to your website. To help you with your guest posting efforts, a comprehensive list of free guest posting sites is available. In 2023, guest posting continues to be the best way to build links and promote your brand. While other link-building techniques may be less effective due to Google’s algorithm changes, guest blogging remains reliable. Writing high-quality guest posts on relevant blogs within your niche will not result in any penalties from Google. While some guest posting opportunities are free, paid options are also available. It’s essential to consider the site’s DA, DR, TF, and traffic when selecting guest post sites in the USA. Finding guest post sites that accept “write for us” submissions is crucial for online websites in any niche. While some sites offer free guest posting, others require an editorial fee. Managing guest posting content depends on your preferences. However, focusing on quality and traffic is vital when selecting guest post sites in the USA.

To assist you in your guest posting endeavors, there is a readily available and extensive compilation of free guest posting sites. These sites cover various categories such as finance, health, travel, business, etc. To fully leverage the advantages of guest posting, SEO professionals and digital marketers require immediate access to guest post blogging platforms that offer high domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), and Moz rank.Now we will look into depth Free guest posting sites in the USA.

What is guest Posting?

Guest posting, alternatively referred to as guest blogging, involves creating and sharing a blog post on a website that belongs to someone else. It is a popular search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to build backlinks and increase website traffic. By providing valuable content to websites of significant authority within your niche, you can expand your reach to a fresh audience and enhance your rankings on search engines.

Guest posting offers several benefits for your website. First, it allows you to create backlinks, which are links from other websites pointing back to your site. These backlinks are crucial in improving your website’s visibility on search engines and driving higher organic traffic. Second, guest posting helps to establish your credibility and authority in your industry. When you provide valuable insights and information through your guest posts, readers will see you as an expert and may be more likely to visit your website for more content.

To uncover free guest posting prospects in the USA, you can initiate keyword searches incorporating phrases such as “Write for us” or “Submit Guest Post,” along with specific keywords related to your niche. This method will enable you to discover websites that actively invite guest contributions. Once you find suitable websites, follow their guidelines for guest post submissions. Some websites have a registration process, while others require contacting the administrator directly. When submitting your guest post, adhere to the guidelines provided by each website. It ensures that your content meets their standards and increases the chances of your post being approved. Each website may have different approaches, so carefully reviewing them for each submission is essential.

Why do you want to publish in free guest posts sites in USA? 

Publishing guest posts on Free guest posting sites in the USA offer several advantages beyond link building. 

Enhanced SEO

Free Guest posting in USA lets you acquire valuable backlinks from reputable websites, positively impacting your rankings. These links contribute to search engines recognizing your website and determining its position in search results.

Increased Brand Awareness

When you submit a guest post, your brand gets mentioned or linked, exposing it to a broader audience. You can attract readers to visit your website by showcasing your expertise and valuable content, increasing brand awareness.

Social Media Exposure

Guest posting platforms often provide space for including social media links in your profile. By captivating readers with your content, you can encourage them to explore your profile and become followers on social media. It aids in lead generation and converting potential customers into paying ones.

Expanded Traffic Potential

Guest posting exposes your content to a larger audience, potentially increasing website traffic. If your content resonates with readers and provides value, it can convert them into customers. Additionally, targeting USA sites allows you to tap into a global audience, opening doors to international opportunities.

Continuous Learning

Guest posting facilitates connecting with industry communities, receiving feedback, and engaging in discussions. It provides opportunities to learn from peers, gain insights into your content and business strategies, and upgrade your techniques.

Publishing guest posts on USA sites offers benefits such as improved SEO, establishing authority, networking with industry professionals, continuous learning, and expanding your reach to a global audience. By harnessing these advantages, you can drive traffic, build your brand, and achieve your business objectives.

Free Guest Posting Sites in the USA

Here are some of the complimentary Free guest posting sites in the USA . 


A renowned marketing software company that accepts guest posts on marketing, sales, and customer service topics. Writing for HubSpot can expose your content to a large and engaged audience in the industry.

Search Engine Land

 A popular platform for SEO professionals that welcomes guest posts related to search engine optimization. Publishing on Search Engine Land can help you establish authority and reach an audience interested in SEO.


A leading blog focused on content marketing, writing, and social media. Guest posting on Copyblogger lets you showcase your expertise in these areas and attract readers interested in content marketing strategies.

Social Media Examiner: A well-known website for social media marketers, accepting guest posts on social media marketing, branding, and online marketing. Publishing on Social Media Examiner can help you gain visibility and connect with professionals in the field.


 A prominent magazine catering to entrepreneurs and startups. Writing guest posts for Entrepreneur allows you to share your insights on business, entrepreneurship, and related topics, reaching a broad entrepreneurial audience.

These free guest posting sites in the USA offer valuable exposure, allowing you to share your expertise, connect with like-minded individuals, and increase your online presence.Below is the list of Free guest posting sites in the USA.

53 Free guest posting sites in the USA


How to Find Free Guest Posting Sites

When it comes to finding free guest posting sites in the USA, there are several effective methods you can use.  How to find Free guest posting sites in the USA.

Leverage Lists and Directories

Many bloggers and websites create lists of guest posting sites categorized by niche and ranked by domain authority (DA). These lists provide a convenient starting point to identify relevant opportunities for guest blogging. By conducting a brief Google search using relevant keywords such as “list of blogs accepting guest posts” or “list of -your niche- blogs open to guest contributions,” you can quickly discover helpful resources containing curated lists of such blogs. However, ensure that the listed sites still accept guest posts and have a high DA.

 Use specific search terms related to your niche along with phrases like “guest blog,” “write for us,” or “submit a guest post” to find guest blogging websites through search engines. Explore various search results pages, as valuable opportunities can often be found beyond the first few pages.

Reverse Engineering

Study your competitors and influential bloggers in your niche to identify where they have previously guest posted. Search for their names alongside phrases like “guest post by” or “a guest contribution by” using the “site:domain.com” search query. It can reveal high-quality websites that accept guest posts and inspire your guest blogging strategy.

Tools and Resources

Use content research tools like Buzzsumo to find guest blogging opportunities by searching for topic keywords alongside “guest post” or “guest post by.” Social listening and audience overlap tools can also help you identify relevant websites and platforms that share an audience with your niche.

How to submit in guest post-USA sites? 

To submit a guest post on USA sites, follow these steps:

Find guest posting opportunities

Conduct a search engine query using terms like “guest post-USA” or “write for us USA” to discover relevant guest posting opportunities. You can also explore directories of guest posting sites available online.

Research the sites

 Before approaching any site, research its domain authority (DA), audience size, and topics allowed. Look for areas with a high DA and a sizable audience interested in your niche.

Write a pitch

Craft a compelling pitch that includes an introduction about yourself and your website, a link to your website, a brief outline of your proposed guest post, and links to any previous guest posts you’ve written (if applicable).

Submit your pitch

 Follow the submission guidelines provided by the website carefully. Most sites have a specific process for accepting guest posts. Ensure that you submit your pitch accordingly.


After submitting your pitch, consider following up with the website to express your continued interest. It shows your commitment to guest posting and enthusiasm for collaborating with them.

Tips for Writing a Successful Guest Post


Write about a topic directly relevant to the website’s audience where you’re submitting the guest post. It ensures that your post will resonate with readers and be well-received.

Informative and Well-Written

Ensure your guest post is well-written, informative, and error-free. Provide valuable insights, practical tips, or interesting perspectives that will captivate readers and provide them with useful information.

Promote on Social Media

After publishing your guest post, remember to promote it on social media and other relevant channels. Sharing it with your audience can drive more traffic to the guest post and increase its visibility.

Address Fresh Topics or Approach Existing Ones Differently

 Aim to cover fresh topics or bring a unique perspective to existing subjects. It helps your guest post stand out and provides a fresh angle for readers.

Audience-Focused Writing

Write the guest post with the specific audience of the hosting website in mind. Tailor your content to match their interests, needs, and preferences.

Internal Linking

 Include internal links to related articles on the hosting website within your guest post. Doing so can elevate the overall user experience and offer readers added value.

Avoid Pushy Promotion

 Avoid overly promoting yourself or your products/services within the guest post. Direct your focus towards delivering valuable information and establishing trust with your readers.

Align with Blog Format

Align your guest post with the typical format and style of the hosting blog. Pay attention to the tone, structure, and formatting preferences to ensure consistency and a seamless fit.

Organize into Sections

Improve readability and facilitate easier navigation and understanding for readers by structuring your guest post into distinct sections.

 Keep your guest post under 1,000 words to maintain reader engagement. Include around five internal links to relevant content within the hosting website to provide further resources and depth.


In conclusion, guest posting is a valuable strategy for building links, enhancing brand authority, and improving search engine rankings. While resources that list free guest posting sites in USA are available online, it’s important to manually verify each opportunity, as link metrics alone don’t guarantee quality. Guest posting can be utilized in various niches to promote informational and commercial projects. It’s essential to develop a strategy, engage with user comments, and monitor the effectiveness of your posts to make the most of guest posting. Overall, free guest posting sites in USA presents an excellent opportunity to enhance your website’s SEO, establish industry credibility, and connect with fellow bloggers and experts. If you’re seeking avenues to grow your website, guest posting is a highly recommended option to explore.After read about Free guest posting sites in the USA we concluded.


Q1: What are the benefits of free guest posting sites in USA? 

Free guest posting sites in USA  offers several benefits, including improved SEO through backlinks, enhanced authority and credibility, networking opportunities with other bloggers and experts, and learning from experienced writers in your niche. It’s a valuable strategy for increasing visibility, driving traffic, and establishing yourself as an industry expert.

Q2: What are some of the risks associated with free guest posting? 

Some risks of free guest posting include receiving no SEO value from “nofollow” links, limited exposure due to smaller audience sizes, and the potential for post rejection if submission guidelines are not followed.

Above are the questions related to Free guest posting sites in the USA.


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