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Image submission or sharing is a technique used in off-page SEO to promote websites. On Image sharing website for SEO we share images. The purpose is to increase a website’s authority in terms of backlinks and factors like domain authority (DA), domain rating (DR), and trust flow (TF). Image submission allows you to place your website’s images on different platforms to engage with people and attract backlinks. It is an effective way to communicate your brand and business visually on the internet.

Providing an ALT tag that describes the Image’s content is beneficial when you post an image. This ALT tag helps search engines understand the Image. Using relevant keywords in the ALT tag for better optimization is recommended. Image submission sites are valuable resources for boosting website visibility, traffic and acquiring backlinks. As search engines have removed page rank as a significant factor, image-sharing sites have gained importance. You can attract substantial traffic by submitting images to these sites through image search results. Image-sharing sites are valuable if you aim to engage users through various search engine platforms. Before submitting images, creating an account helps track the traffic and user preferences toward specific photos. Now we discuss in depth related to Image sharing website for SEO.

Types of Image sharing website for SEO

There are two types of Image sharing website for SEO: general image-sharing sites and specific image-sharing sites.

General image-sharing sites

These platforms are popular and widely used for sharing images with a broad audience. They allow users to upload and share pictures on their platform. Some well-known general image-sharing sites include Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, Imgur, 500px, Unsplash, Pixabay, and many others. These sites provide a broad reach and can help you showcase your images to many users.

Specific image-sharing sites

These platforms are focused on specific niches or topics, catering to a more targeted audience. They are designed to meet the needs of people interested in particular areas, such as art, stock photos, vectors, or respective industries. Examples of specific image-sharing sites include DeviantArt (for artists), StockSnap (for stock photos), FreeImages (for free images), Vecteezy (for vector images), 123RF (for stock photos and vectors), Shutterstock (for stock photos and videos), iStock (for stock photos and videos), and more. These sites offer a more specialized audience and can help you connect with users who have a specific interest in your image content.

When selecting an image submission site, it is important to consider various factors, including your target audience, the intended purpose of your images, the features provided by the platform, and the site’s domain authority. These considerations will help you select the most suitable image-sharing sites for your needs and maximize the visibility and impact of your image submissions.

Top 10 Image sharing websites for SEO

The top 10 image-sharing sites for SEO link-building include: Image sharing website for SEO

1. Flickr

A well-established image-sharing platform where you can upload high-resolution images. It has a high domain authority and offers free Pro accounts for unlimited storage.

2. Pinterest

 A popular social media platform focused on image sharing. It provides a vast audience and valuable backlinks for SEO.

3. Instagram

A widely used social media platform centered around images. It allows you to edit and apply filters to your photos, share them with hashtags, and gain backlinks for SEO.

4. Imgur

A fast-growing image hosting and sharing site. It offers features like image creation, GIF making, and viral image selection, making it a versatile platform for SEO link building.

5. 500px

An image-sharing community specifically for photographers. It provides a platform to showcase and license your photos, participate in challenges, and earn valuable backlinks.

6. Unsplash

A popular free stock photo website with high-quality images for commercial use. It offers an extensive collection of photos and provides backlinks for SEO purposes.

7. Pixabay

Another free stock photo website offering high-quality images for commercial use. It offers a diverse selection of categories and enables users to download and distribute images for SEO link building.


 A platform for data visualization, including image and infographic sharing. It offers unique features to create various visual content types.


An image-based social network where you can share your image work or references. Users can engage through likes (hearts) and explore content.


 A popular stock photo website allows users to download and upload images for free, making it a valuable resource for those on a budget.

Above is the list of Image sharing website for SEO

Best image submission website

The best image submission website varies based on individual needs and goals. However, some top contenders for image submission include Flickr, 500px, and MorgueFile. These websites have a high Domain Authority, a trusted reputation, and a large user base. It’s essential to consider your specific requirements and preferences when choosing the best image submission website for your needs.Best Image sharing website for SEO.

Benefits of image submission sites

Submitting images is crucial for several reasons in SEO. Here are the importance and benefits of image submission sites:Benefits of Image sharing website for SEO.

Image SEO and Indexing

 Image submission enables search engines to effectively discover and include your website’s images in their index for better visibility and searchability. Optimizing images with alt tags helps search engines understand their content and improves their visibility in search results.

Increased Visibility

 Sharing images on submission sites exposes them to a broader audience, increasing your website’s visibility. It can drive more traffic and potential customers to your site.

Improved SEO

Image submission sites provide opportunities to include relevant keywords in image titles and descriptions. This optimization enhances your website’s SEO.

 When external websites link to the images on your website, it sends a positive signal to search engines, indicating that your site is credible and reliable. It can have a beneficial impact on your overall SEO performance.

Brand Awareness

 Through sharing images on submission sites, you can effectively advertise your brand and enhance its visibility. This exposure increases the likelihood of people remembering your brand and visiting your website.

Lead Generation

 Utilizing image descriptions to include calls to action can generate leads. For example, prompting viewers to sign up for newsletters or visit your website for more information can drive potential customers to take action.

Factors to consider in Image sharing for SEO purposes

Several factors and aspects must be regarded as regarding image sharing for SEO purposes. Here’s a concise explanation:

Proper Image Selection

 Choose high-quality, original images without watermarks to ensure acceptance on image-sharing websites.

Proper Image File Format

Use standard formats like JPEG, GIF, and PNG for optimal compatibility.

Image Optimization: Optimize images to maintain quality while reducing file size for faster loading times.

Alternative Text

Add descriptive alt text to images for accessibility and better SEO.

Image Description

Provide relevant and informative descriptions that accurately describe the Image’s content.

Relevance to Infographic Sites

 If the Image is exceptional, consider submitting it to infographic sites for additional visibility.

Utilize Top Image Sharing Sites

 Share images on popular platforms like Facebook, Flickr, and Pinterest for effective SEO results.

Consider Image Sharing on Instagram

Explore sharing options on Instagram to tap into its vast user base.

Check Website Factors 

Verify the website’s domain authority, trust flow, spam rate, and reputation before submitting images.

Relevant Category Selection

 Choose the most appropriate category when submitting images to ensure better categorization.

Image Title and Description

 Craft catchy titles and relevant descriptions to enhance search engine ranking.

Image Optimization

 Optimizing them before submission is advisable to enhance your images’ ranking on search engine result pages.

Submission Timing

Submit images early as it takes time for approval and publishing on the website.

Steps for the image submission 

The steps for image submission are straightforward to follow:

Register on high Domain Authority image-sharing sites 

Find image-sharing sites that have a high Domain Authority and allow you to include links. Register on these sites using your chosen username and email address.

Activate your account

Follow the activation process specified by the image-sharing site to confirm your account and gain access to its features.

Upload your Image

 Once your account is activated, you can upload your image file. Make sure it complies with the supported file formats specified by the site. Provide a title and include your website URL along with the Image.

Submit your Image

Click the submit button to complete the image submission process. Once you have submitted your Image, the image-sharing site will provide you with a link to your Image that has been approved and is now visible on the site.

Revolutionary Technologies

  1. Explore the impact of emerging technologies like AR and VR on image submission.
  2. Incorporate tools such as blockchain and decentralized storage for enhanced security.
  3. Optimize image loading speeds through advancements in compression and optimization techniques.

Shifting User Preference

  1. Examine evolving user preferences for visual content formats like infographics and animated images.
  2. Embrace authentic and relatable imagery driven by user-generated content.
  3. Consider the influence of short-form visual content platforms like TikTok and Instagram Stories.

Image Recognition and AI

  1. Investigate the integration of AI-powered image recognition for advanced search capabilities based on visual elements.
  2. Utilize AI algorithms to analyze and categorize images, improving search accuracy and relevance.
  3. Leverage AI-powered recommendation systems for personalized image suggestions.


After reading Image sharing website for SEO we concluded, image submission is an important aspect of SEO that can help businesses reach their target audience and generate high-quality backlinks. Businesses can enhance their online visibility and attract greater organic traffic by strategically sharing pertinent images across multiple platforms and optimizing them with specific keywords. It’s recommended to leverage the top image-sharing websites such as Flickr, 500px, and MorgueFile, as they have high domain authority and a large audience. Consulting with an SEO marketing professional can also benefit those who find image submission challenging. Image submission is a cost-effective strategy to yield positive website visibility and traffic results.We concluded after read Image sharing website for SEO.


Q1: Can I upload multiple images at once? 

When it comes to image-sharing sites, most of them provide the convenience of uploading multiple images at once. It can be done by either selecting multiple images simultaneously through the upload tool or by uploading a compressed file, like a ZIP file, that contains multiple images. This feature saves time and effort, allowing users to share and showcase their images more efficiently. 

Q2: What is the maximum size of an image that can be uploaded? 

The maximum allowable image size for uploading varies depending on the specific image-sharing website you are using. Each site may have its size restrictions, so it’s essential to check its terms of service or upload guidelines for specific details. Some sites may have specific file size limits, while others may allow you to upload images of any size. It’s recommended to review the guidelines provided by the image-sharing site you are using. To ensure successful image uploads.

Q3: Can I edit images on an image-sharing site? 

The ability to edit images on an image-sharing site depends on the specific site you are using. Some sites provide built-in image editing tools that allow you to perform basic edits like cropping, resizing, and adjusting brightness and contrast. Other sites may offer more advanced editing features, such as adding text or applying filters to enhance your images.

Q4: Is there a cost to use an image-sharing site?

The cost of using an image-sharing site varies depending on the specific site. Some free image-sharing sites allow you to upload and share images without charge. However, some sites may require a fee for certain features or additional storage options. It’s important to review the terms of service of the image-sharing site to determine if there are any costs associated with its usage.

Q5: Can I share images with other people? 

On most free image-sharing sites, you can share your images with others. You can facilitate this by offering a direct link to the Image. Certain image-sharing sites provide convenient built-in sharing tools that enable you to effortlessly share your images on various social media platforms or other websites. Sharing your images with others offers an excellent opportunity to display your work, expand your audience, and engage in collaborative efforts.

Above are the questions related Image sharing website for SEO.

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