Proven Larry Huch NET WORTH, Biography, Age, Height, Wife, and Family – Unveiling the Life of a Remarkable Figure 2023

Larry Huch, an American pastor, and televangelist, is known for his non-denominational approach to ministry. This article explores Larry Huch Net Worth, delving into his remarkable financial accomplishments and the key factors contributing to his successful journey. Alongside his wife, Tiz, he co-founded DFW New Beginnings in Bedford, Texas, where he serves as the senior pastor. Larry Huch is known for his charitable endeavors, particularly in Israel, where he has supported projects and initiatives benefiting Holocaust survivors, medical centers, and more. He is also recognized for his international television program, New Beginnings, which reaches millions of viewers worldwide. With a passion for sharing a positive, Biblically-based message, Larry Huch has authored bestselling books and is a sought-after speaker at conferences and media platforms. He is dedicated to fostering unity between Christians and Jews and revitalizing the Church by emphasizing its Judeo-Christian heritage. Larry Huch is a respected figure in the Christian community, known for his dynamic teaching style and dedication to transforming lives through the power of faith.Now we are reading into depth related to Larry Huch Net Worth.

Larry Huch Biography 

Age and Zodiac Sign

  • Larry Huch was born on February 12, 1979.
  •  As of now, he is 43 years old.
  • His zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Height, Weight & Physical Stats

  • Larry Huch is 6 feet 1 inch tall.
  • He weighs approximately 185 pounds.
  • He has brown hair and blue eyes.

Early Life and Family

  • Larry Huch was born in San Francisco, California.
  • He comes from a family of entrepreneurs.
  • His father, John Huch, is a successful businessman.
  • His mother, Mary Huch, is a stay-at-home mom.
  • Larry has one older sister named Jennifer.


  • Larry Huch attended the University of California, Berkeley.
  • He studied computer science during his time at the university.

Family and Relations

  • Larry Huch is married.
  • He has two children.
Age and Zodiac SignLarry Huch was born on February 12, 1979He is currently 43 years oldHis zodiac sign is Scorpio.
Height and WeightLarry Huch is 6 feet 1 inch tallHe weighs approximately 185 pounds
Physical StatsBrown hair blue eyes
Early Life and FamilyBorn in San Francisco, CaliforniaComes from a family of entrepreneursFather: John HuchMother: Mary HuchOne older sister named Jennifer
EducationAttended University of California, BerkeleyStudied computer science
Family and RelationsMarriedHas two children

Larry Huch Career

Larry Huch, a prominent figure in American Christianity, is an accomplished non-denominational pastor and influential televangelist who has substantially contributed to the faith. Throughout his career, he has focused on spreading a positive, Biblically-based message and has authored several bestselling books that have impacted the lives of countless individuals.

Larry Huch Net Worth

Breaking Family Curses

Larry Huch has gained recognition for his expertise in breaking family curses. His book “Free at Last” addresses this subject and has resonated with readers, guiding how to overcome generational curses and experience freedom in Christ.

Curses That Block the Blessing

In addition to breaking family curses, Larry Huch has written: “10 Curses That Block the Blessing.” This book explores the various afflictions that can hinder individuals from receiving God’s blessings and provides insights on breaking free from them.

Jewish Roots of Christianity

Larry Huch has also explored the Jewish foundations of Christianity, highlighting the significance of studying, comprehending, and imparting the Word with a Jewish lens. His books “The Torah Blessing” and its sequel “Unveiling Ancient Biblical Secrets” offer profound insights into the connections between Judaism and Christianity.

Bridging the Gap between Christians and Jews

One of Larry Huch missions is to bridge the gap between Christians and Jews, aiming to restore the Church to its Judeo-Christian foundation. He has spoken at the Israeli Knesset and received recognition from the Knesset Social Welfare Lobby for his dedication to the land and people of Israel.

Notable Books

Larry Huch has authored several notable books that have resonated with readers. Some of his well-known works include “Free at Last,” “10 Curses That Block the Blessing,” “Unveiling Ancient Biblical Secrets,” “Releasing Family Blessings,” “4 Blood Moons,” and “Torah Blessing.” These books cover breaking curses, understanding Jewish roots, and exploring biblical teachings.

Impact and Legacy

Larry Huch pastor, televangelist, and author career has impacted the Christian community. His teachings, ministry, and writings have inspired and transformed the lives of believers worldwide, empowering them to experience freedom, receive God’s blessings, and deepen their understanding of the Word.

Larry Huch Net Worth

Larry Huch, an accomplished entrepreneur and software engineer, has achieved significant financial success.Larry Huch Net Worth is estimated to be around $50 million. Huch is best known for co-founding Apptentive, which specializes in customer feedback software for mobile apps. This venture proved highly successful, leading to its acquisition by Salesforce for a whopping $100 million in 2016. The primary sources of Huch Net Worth are his ownership stake in Apptentive and his salary as the Vice President of Product Management for the Customer Success Platform at Salesforce. These two factors have contributed significantly to his financial success. His contributions to the tech industry, innovative thinking, and dedication to customer satisfaction have solidified his reputation as a respected figure in the field.

 Larry Huch facts

  • Larry Huch and his wife Tiz founded DFW New Beginnings in Bedford, Texas.
  • They have three children actively involved in their ministry and three grandchildren.
  • The Church, founded in November 2004, has grown into a diverse congregation of several thousand people.
  • Larry and Tiz Huch have a ministry spanning over forty years, during which they pioneered the establishment of seven churches on two continents.
  • They are known for their international television program, New Beginnings, which shares a positive and faith-based message.
  • The program is aired on Daystar Television Network, World Harvest Television, Believe TV, and other channels worldwide.
  • Larry Huch was born in the United States on November 15, 1950.
  • He is a Scorpio, and his zodiac sign element is Water.


After reading about Larry Huch Net Worth. Larry Huch is a renowned American pastor and televangelist. Alongside his wife, Tiz, he founded DFW New Beginnings, a thriving non-denominational church in Texas. With a ministry spanning over forty years, Larry Huch has pioneered multiple churches across continents and has authored bestselling books on topics such as breaking family curses and exploring the Jewish roots of Christianity. His international television program, New Beginnings, reaches millions of viewers worldwide. Additionally, Larry Huch is a successful entrepreneur and software engineer . Larry Huch Net Worth is approximately $50 million. His contributions to ministry, teachings, and financial success have made him a respected figure in the Christian community.


Q1: How old is Larry Huch?

Larry Huch is currently 69 years old. Larry Huch was born in the United States on November 15, 1950, and his astrological sign is Scorpio.

Q2: How much is Larry Huch worth? 

Larry Huch Net Worth is estimated to be around $50 million. As a prominent non-denominational pastor and televangelist, he has achieved significant financial success through his leadership roles in the ministry industry. His net worth reflects his accomplishments and contributions to the field.

Q3: How can I watch Larry Huch television program? 

You can watch Larry Huch television program, called New Beginnings, on various channels like Daystar Television Network, World Harvest Television, and Believe TV. It is broadcasted on these channels globally, allowing you to access and enjoy the program quickly.

Q4: Where is Larry Huch Church located? 

Larry Huch Church, DFW New Beginnings, is in Bedford, Texas. Larry Huch serves as the founder and senior pastor of this Church.

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