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Are you searching about Libby Delphi murders leaked texts? The Delphi Murders, which involved the tragic deaths of two best friends, Abby and Libby, in Delphi, Indiana, in 2017, have remained unsolved for years. Recently, some text messages claiming to be related to the case were leaked online. These messages, allegedly between the victims and their companions, have caused a lot of discussion and speculation. However, it’s important to remember that the authenticity of these texts has not been confirmed, and official sources have not provided specific details about the crime scene or the killer’s appearance. The Delphi community, already devastated by the crime, was further disturbed by the possibility that the killer could be someone from their small town. The leaked texts have sparked intense online conversations, with people sharing their theories and opinions. We must approach these texts cautiously since their credibility and impact on the investigation are still uncertain. The authorities are actively investigating the Delphi Murders but have not released many details about the case. The search for justice and closure for Abby and Libby’s families and the community is ongoing. While the leaked texts have added some information to the public’s understanding, relying on official updates from law enforcement for accurate and reliable information is crucial.Now we are looking in to Libby Delphi murders leaked texts.

Summary of Libby Delphi murders leaked texts

Below details about Libby Delphi murders leaked texts.

Crime Scene Details

According to alleged leaked text messages from the Delphi Murders investigation, the crime scene was located near the Monon High Bridge in a wooded area.

Girls’ Injuries

The text messages indicate that both girls, Abby Williams and Libby German, had suffered multiple stab wounds. Libby German’s injuries were described as particularly severe, suggesting she had fought against the attacker.

Killer’s Appearance

The text messages describe the killer as a white male, approximately 5’10” tall, with a medium build. During the crime, he reportedly wore a blue jacket, jeans, and a hat. The killer was also said to be carrying a backpack and a gun.

Previous Sightings

The leaked text messages claim that the killer had been seen in the area before the murders. Witnesses reportedly observed him walking on the bridge and talking to himself, raising suspicions about his presence in the vicinity.

Video Evidence

A significant piece of evidence mentioned in the text messages is a video captured by Libby German on her phone. The video allegedly shows the man following the girls. It provided investigators with valuable information to create composite sketches of the suspect.

Verification and Caution

It is crucial to note that the police have not verified these text messages, and their accuracy remains uncertain. The information should be treated as unconfirmed until official statements are released. However, if accurate, the leaked details shed light on the crime scene, the girl’s injuries, and the appearance of the alleged killer in the Delphi Murders case.

Identity of the person responsible for leaked texts 

The identity of the person responsible for the Delphi murder’s leaked texts remains unknown. The messages were initially shared on a private Facebook group in 2019 and subsequently circulated on other online platforms. The texts were purportedly sent by David, who claimed to have discovered the bodies of Abby Williams and Libby German. Despite the dissemination of these messages, the true identity of David has yet to be verified, and the authenticity of the texts remains unconfirmed. The police have acknowledged their existence and are conducting an investigation. In 2022, a documentary titled “Down the Hill” explored the possibility that the leaked texts were genuine. The documentary featured interviews with individuals who claimed to know David. However, the documentary did not provide definitive answers regarding the person behind the texts, leaving the mystery unsolved.

The reactions of people to the leaked texts

The reactions to the Delphi murder’s leaked texts have been divided, with some people believing they are credible while others consider them false. Those who believe the texts are credible argue that they offer valuable insights into the case and align with the information released by the police. They find the disturbing details in the texts significant and believe they should be taken seriously. On the other hand, those who think the texts are false point out inconsistencies and inaccuracies within them. They also highlight that the person responsible for the texts, David, remains unidentified. It’s important to note that the police still need to verify the texts, and their accuracy cannot be confirmed. People should weigh the evidence carefully and judge the credibility of the leaked texts. 

The potential impact of the text messages on the investigation

The leaked texts in the Delphi murders case could impact the investigation positively and negatively. On the positive side, they could provide valuable insights and information that help identify the killer or better understand the crime scene. They may also generate new leads or tips from the public. However, on the negative side, the texts could be inaccurate or misleading, potentially leading investigators astray. They could also give the killer a false sense of security, making it more challenging to apprehend him. Ultimately, the impact of the leaked texts will depend on how the police handle them, verifying their authenticity and assessing their value in generating leads. It’s crucial to note that the readers have yet to be verified by the police, and their accuracy remains uncertain. 

Are there any updates on the case?

As of July 2023, there have been no new updates specifically related to the Delphi murders leaked texts. The police have not commented on the authenticity or impact of the texts on the investigation. No one has been arrested, and the murders of Libby German and Abby Williams in the Delphi case remain unsolved.

However, investigators have released additional information about the suspect, including an updated sketch and appearance. Law enforcement authorities suspect that the perpetrator of the Delphi murders may be a white male with a height ranging from 5’6″ to 5’8″. The individual was reportedly observed wearing a blue jacket and jeans at the time of the killings. The police have indicated that the suspect may have ties to Delphi, Indiana, and could be familiar with the Monon High Bridge. Despite ongoing efforts and public appeals for information, there have been no significant developments in the case. The investigation remains active, and authorities continue to seek assistance from the public in solving the crime. While the leaked texts have raised new questions and provided unsettling details, their impact on the investigation and authenticity have not been confirmed. The case of the Delphi murders is still unresolved, and the victims’ families await justice.


In conclusion, Libby Delphi murders leaked texts have sparked mixed reactions. Some believe they provide valuable insights, while others question their authenticity. The impact of the texts on the investigation remains uncertain, and caution is advised when considering their credibility. Waiting for official updates from law enforcement is crucial in understanding the case accurately.We concluded after read Libby Delphi murders leaked texts.


below are the questions related to Libby Delphi murders leaked texts.

Q1: Where does the suspect in Delphi Murdered live?

The Delphi murders case remains unsolved, and the identity and whereabouts of the suspect are unknown. The investigation into the murders of the two teenage girls from Delphi, Indiana, continues, but no specific information about the suspect’s residence or location has been officially disclosed. It is important to rely on official law enforcement sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information on the case.

Q2: Are Delphi leaked messages real? 

The authenticity of the Delphi leaked messages, allegedly sent by David, has yet to be officially verified by the police. The messages still need to be confirmed, and their validity is still being determined.

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