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Are you searching about Robie Uniacke Net Worth?  Robie Uniacke is a British businessman and mathematician. He has garnered recognition for his successful business career and his mathematics expertise. According to various sources, Robie Uniacke’s net worth falls from $1 million to $10 million. Uniacke has had a successful career in business. He has been a managing director in multiple companies, and in 2010, he founded an IT consultancy company called Pale Fire Ltd. However, the company faced financial difficulties and was dissolved in 2016. Uniacke is also the founder and CEO of RJU Holdings, a private investment firm. He has served as the chairman of Molinare, a post-production company based in London. Uniacke’s personal life has been in the spotlight due to his relationship with well-known actress Rosamund Pike. Now we reading in depth related to Robie Uniacke Net Worth.

Robie Uniacke Bio

Robie Uniacke, born in 1961 in Hertfordshire, England, is a British businessman and mathematician. He attended Eton College and developed a passion for mathematics from a young age. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics in 1983. Robie has had a successful career in business, with his notable ventures including owning an IT consulting firm called Pale Fire Ltd. He was also involved in the management of multiple companies in 2008. However, his IT company faced financial difficulties and was dissolved in 2016. He is a Pisces according to his zodiac sign. Uniacke’s parents are Jennifer Sally Cunningham and David Corbett Uniacke. Robie Uniacke is roughly 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) and weighs approximately 150 pounds (68 kg). He has a slim physique, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a fair complexion. Uniacke’s shoe size is 10 (US). Uniacke spent his early years in Windsor, Berkshire, England, and attended Eton College, where he graduated with a degree in Mathematics in 1983. He comes from a Caucasian ethnicity and holds British nationality. In addition to his proficiency in mathematics, Uniacke is fluent in Mandarin.

Robie Uniacke Net Worth

According to various sources, Robie Uniacke net worth falls from $1 million to $10 million. He is a British businessman and entrepreneur who has founded successful companies and worked in investment banking and venture capitalism fields. Uniacke has also been involved in modeling and acting. Uniacke’s wealth primarily comes from his business ventures, including his business coaching company, Succeeds. He has had a successful career and made strategic investments contributing to his financial standing. Uniacke’s mathematical background and analytical skills have helped him make informed decisions and potentially increase his wealth. It is important to note that Uniacke’s net worth is separate from his relationship with actress Rosamund Pike, who has a successful acting career. Uniacke’s accomplishments and financial endeavors should be acknowledged separately from his high-profile relationship.

Robie Uniacke’s multiple marriages and relationships

Robie Uniacke has had a complex love life with multiple marriages and relationships. He first married actress Emma Howard in 1983, but their marriage was plagued by drug addiction, and they eventually divorced in 1988. They have a son named Robie Jonjo Uniacke. Robie then married interior designer Rose Batstone, and they had three children together: Hector, Olive, and Florence. However, their marriage also ended in divorce after a few years. In 2009, Robie began dating actress Rosamund Pike, and they have been together for over a decade. They have two children, Solo Uniacke and Atom Uniacke. Despite their long-term relationship, Robie and Rosamund have chosen not to get married. Throughout his relationships, Robie has faced challenges due to drug addiction, contributing to his previous marriages’ failure. However, he has since focused on turning his life around. Robie Uniacke’s love life has been a journey of ups and downs, but he has found stability and happiness with Rosamund Pike, whom he deeply admires and supports.

Robie Uniacke Children 

Robie Uniacke has six children from his previous marriages and current relationship. He was first married to Emma Howard, and they have a son named Robie Jonjo Uniacke. After their divorce, Robie married Rose Batstone, and together they have three children: Hector Uniacke, Olive Uniacke, and Florence Uniacke. Robie’s current partner is actress Rosamund Pike, and they have two sons together. Their names are Solo Uniacke, born on May 6, 2012, and Atom Uniacke, born on December 2, 2014.

Robie Uniacke Drug Addiction 

Robie Uniacke, a mathematician, researcher, and businessman, had a deep interest in mathematics from a young age and pursued a career there. He achieved success in academics and worked as a mathematical researcher. However, Robie faced personal challenges, particularly in his marriages, which led him to turn to heroin and become addicted. His struggles with drug addiction contributed to the breakdown of his first two marriages. Robie struggled with heroin addiction for several years, causing difficulties in his personal life. Eventually, he overcame his addiction and moved forward with his life. In terms of his career, Robie started his own IT consulting firm, Pale Fire Ltd, in 2010. However, the company faced financial difficulties and was dissolved in 2016 due to unpaid taxes. Robie was disqualified as a company director for four years because of these financial issues. While Robie’s past drug addiction is well-known, there is limited information about his current situation. 

Facts about Robie Uniacke

  • Rosamund Pike, wife of Robie Uniacke, is a talented actress known for films like “Gone Girl” and “Die Another Day.”
  •  She is skilled in playing the piano and cello and can speak French and German fluently.
  • After attending school in Bristol, England, Rosamund Pike pursued her higher education at Oxford University, where she completed her studies and obtained a degree in English Literature.
  • Her parents are a concert violinist and a professional opera singer.
  • She won the Best Debut award at the Empire Awards for her role in “Die Another Day.”
  • Rosamund and other well-known actresses were considered for the lead role in “Gone Girl.”
  • She has been in a long-term relationship with Robie Uniacke since 2009.
  • Rosamund and Robie have two sons together.
  • Before Robie, she was engaged to director Joe Wright.
  • Robie Uniacke is a businessman and mathematical researcher.
  • He has been married twice before and has six children.
  • Despite challenges in his career, Robie has found success.
  • Robie and Rosamund continue to support each other in their respective endeavors.


After reading relatred to Robie Uniacke Net Worth we concluded, Robie Uniacke is a successful businessman and mathematician who has overcome struggles with drug addiction. He is currently in a happy relationship with actress Rosamund Pike, and they have two children together. Despite their strong bond, Robie and Rosamund have chosen not to get married. Robie’s net worth is around $20 million, thanks to his business ventures and strategic investments. Additionally, Robie Uniacke actively engages in philanthropy, dedicating his time and resources to charitable endeavors. Overall, Robie Uniacke’s journey showcases his resilience and success in his personal and professional life.After read about Robie Uniacke Net Worth concluded.


Q1: How did Rosamund Pike meet Robie? 

Rosamund Pike and Robie Uniacke crossed paths at a social gathering in 2009, marking the beginning of their relationship. While the specific details of their meeting remain private, they have been together ever since. After three years of dating, Rosamund gave birth to their first child, Solo, in May 2012. The couple is happily raising their two sons, Solo and Atom, and enjoying their life together.

Q2: What is the net worth of Robie Uniacke?

His net worth is estimated to be around $9 million.

Q3: Does Robie Uniacke have Instagram?

No, Robie Uniacke does not own Instagram or any social media account.

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